Jeremy Scott X Adidas Pimps Up Wings 2.0

The revolutionary and visionary designer Jeremy Scott has teamed up again for the Nth time with Adidas to bring us back the aberrant Wings series. The Wings 2.0 lineup still carries the now iconic wings at the back of the heels but this time ditched the bright and neon colors. The Wings 2.0 are sleeker, bolder and monotonic when it comes to it’s aesthetics.

The JS Wings 2.o comes in metallic silver, monochromatic black and white, marble and a pixelated sort of like 8 bit graphic design. If the previous releases of Jeremy Scott was a huge success, the Wings 2.0 is expected to also follow the footsteps on its predecessors. The JS Wings 2.0 also comes with a hiking-boot-styled laces and a central zip holding the wings in place which looks good especially when gliding in the streets.

The popular choices of the new line up are the A$AP ROCKY x JEREMY SCOTT x ADIDAS ORIGINALS which will be out in October and the now available in the market designs JEREMY SCOTT x ADIDAS JS WINGS 2.0 (PIXEL) and the METALLIC SILVER.

Here are some samples of the insane collection:




NIKE WMNS Dunk Sky High Soaring High

The wedge-heeled Nike Women’s specialty shoes is getting lots of attention this year with its iconic and eye-catching styles and colorways perfect for the summer season. You can be sporty and chic at the same time and know that your feet is in good shape and protection with NIKE WMNS technology.

There will be plentiful of NIKE WMNS Dunk Sky coming this month and in June and July. The Midnight Fog/Vachetta Tan which was released this month was inspired by this year’s best seller Denise Eva floral look only more darker and edgier. The collaboration of NIKE Labs and Denise Eva was a huge hit and the team up is expected to produce another hit with the new line up.

For the month of June, Nike WMNS Dunk Sky Hi – Birch / Bright Citrus – Sail – Metallic Gold will be released which is an opposite in every way to Midnight Fog/Vachetta Tan. The sneaker is bright birch looking with metallic gold swoosh logo and laces. The Birch / Bright Citrus is perfect for summer for it will lighten up your mood whether you are in the gym, running or doing regular errands.

All NIKE WMNS Dunk Sky are made of sturdy canvas and leather and with textured leather design. We will feature more colorways and team ups or collaborations of Nike Lab and popular artists like Denise Eva in the coming months. For now, enjoy the images of these amazing sneakers.

Nike WMNS Dunk Sky Hi – Birch / Bright Citrus – Sail – Metallic Gold

Nike WMNS Dunk Sky Hi – Birch / Bright Citrus – Sail – Metallic Gold


Liberty x Nike WMNS Dunk Sky High – Midnight Fog – Vachetta Tan

Liberty x Nike WMNS Dunk Sky High – Midnight Fog – Vachetta Tan


Nike Rosher is Back With New Designs

The specialty athletic/running/ shoes is back with quirky and fun designs. The consumers favorite summer and active lifestyle sneakers adds new colorways and design for the savvy and hip women.

The Nike Roshe Run has evolved and been redefined through times to best fit the needs of consumers for a fashionable, sturdy and reliable running shoes. The new Nike WMNS Roshe Run Women for women is a perfect example of a balanced, well-crafted reinvention of a fan-favorite sneaker.


The two new designs available in the market now are the Pink Force and the Tarp Green. The Pink Force is a single-colored edition just like its earlier version the TOTAL CRIMSON. It features a comfortable and sturdy rubber sole topped by a pink painted woven material which makes it perfect for strolling in the parks, boardwalks or just doing your daily errands in an elegant and flashy sneakers. The Pink Force is perfect for teens, young at heart and girl-powered afficionados.


The Roshe Run Tarp Green on the other hand is for women who defies the traditional light colored and flashy styled footwear for women. The tarp green featured multi colored woven upper but features a pre-dominant green interwoven in grey and black. It is breathable and perfect for summer for it has breathable upper and comfortable rubber soles. At first glance you would think that it is military inspired. Both sneakers are now available in Nike stores and other retail stores.

Timberland GT Scramble Pack

Extreme hikers have something to celebrate this 2013 with the new release of Timberland – a water and weatherproof hi-top for your feet. The Timberland GT Scramble Pack is a sturdy companion for the countryside built with top of the line materials.

timberland-scramble timberland-royal-olive-black-in-park-1

The hiking sneakers uses suede/mesh upper and gusseted tongue to make it waterproof and comes with padded ankle collar and a light but cushioned EVA midsole for maximum comfort. Most of the hiking sneakers or boots fail to come up with soft pad or comfort feel since it focuses more on the wearability and thoughness but Timberland GT Scramble Pack’s padded ankle collar and light cushioned midsole makes it as comfortable as your favorite rubber shoes.

The technology used in the Scramble Pack just not end with the midsole, the outsoles uses the Gripstick tech which makes it best for trekking terrains. The footbed are made of Smartwool lining to keep your feet warm and soft. You can splash in puddle of muds without fear of getting your feet wet and losing your balance with the Timberland GT Scramble Pack

The hiking sneakers comes in two colorways: tan/royal blue and olive/black models.

The Hundreds Weatherproof Pack

The Hundreds is remodeling its popular trio lines to perfectly suit the harsh elements of the winter seasons. The new winter sneaker line called Weatherproof Pack is a refashioned sneakers from the popular kicks the Riley High, Riley Low and Johnson Low. The weatherproof pack now features an upper that is crafted from premium leather to combat snow and rain during winter time.

The Hundreds Weatherproof

The look and feel has been preserved from its original version but it now “leatherized”, almost everything is made up of leather and the insides is lined with red plaid flannel which makes it more comfortable. The brown leather looks expensive and sturdy and you can tell just by looking it at that it is made of premium materials. Other additional changes from the original design are gusseted tongue construction, metal grommets, vulcanized soles and performance molded PU insoles in blue.

The winter season is about family bonding and friends going out and also camping and doing outdoor fun so the new Hundreds Weatherpack is one of the best sneakers for this season. Aside from being sturdy and tough on the snowy weather, it is also based on an existing customer favorite line so the resemblance is still there. Other brands actually like Adidas and Quiksilver also redesigning existing sneakers to suit the winter season but some of them are focused on being more furry and fashionable unlike the Hundreds which keeps the simplicity intact but made it water and ice proof.

The Weatherproof pack is now out in The Hundreds main stores and also in dealers. It was out November 30 and the news is that it is selling like hot cakes so if you are planning to buy a new winter sneakers, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Adidas Originals Winter Knit Pack

The Christmas chills is in the air now and we have been seeing lots of Holiday-themed sneakers but most of them are either too artsy or to dull to be a holiday shoes. The newest collection announced by Adidas Originals that is targeted to the Christmas season is probably one of the best line right now.

Adidas Winter Knit Boots

The Adidas Originals Winter Knit Pack a wonderfully made Ski sneakers that is perfect for the winter time. The trio sneakers comes in Honey Mid, a Sleek Series Top 10 and an Attitude Winter Mid boot. The colorways are predominantly light blue and white which sort of resembles snowflakes and the frozen lake and another colorway is the black and white which also has the snowy feel on it and a more traditional look and feel to a ski sneakers.

Adidas Winter Knit Pack

The honey mid is a very peculiar sneaker for it combines the look of sneaker and the construction of a boots. It is fresh to look at and the best alternative to the usual brown leather and fur ski boots. The winter mild boot is also visually appealing, the light blue colorway is very pretty while the black version is looking handsomely especially when worn in the snowy street or while skiing.

The Adidas Originals Winter Knit Pack is out now in Japan’s ZoZo store and the release date in the U.S. has not been announced yet but it is expected to be available first week of December. The sneakers are simple, elegant and constructed well for the snowy season and I will surely buy a pair even just for regular walking and not for skiing.

Halloween Themed Sneakers

Trick or treat! Yes. it is Halloween again and if you are fan of the scary holiday then you should definitely check out these Halloween themed sneakers available now.

First up is the Shoe My Color online retail store offering, a ghostly Halloween themed high top sneaker that is hand painted with spooky design fitted for the scary day. The sneaker used is either Converse or Vans and it is an empty canvass to be hand-painted by an artist with haunted house over a dark bluish upper or a pumpkin themed orange neonish colorway upper.

Check out the Vampire Diaries star showing off his Halloween themed sneaker SKU: AZ2-DB01 model.

Shoe My Color Halloween Theme

Next Sneaker is from Converse Chucks Halloween artist designed which debuted in MTV Style. The designer chucks are spearheaded by top San Francisco-based artists like Alán González and Kris Mestizo. The specialty sneakers is actually not just for Halloween but anyone can wear it year around.

converse halloween

Kris Mestizo based his design on a classic scary character “The Mummy” which he embodies it in blank white canvass Chucks. “The Mummy to me was one of the scariest costumes I remember growing up. It seemed as if they were actually real, and I was so excited to design my version of mummies on a pair of Chucks!” said Mestizo.

The Halloween themed collection will be available in the online store and all the proceeds will be for a charitable institution so sporting an spooky sneaker for a good cause and not only wearable for a day but for year-round is a great deal at all.

Nike Air Force 1 Presidential

The Nike Air Force 1 Presidential gets its inspiration from the plane that officially flies the Commander in Chief of U.S.A. – the Boeing model SAM 27000 made for the President. There had been a lot of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers in a variety of colorways but the “Presidential” has the most similarity to real Air Force 1 that carries President Barack Obama and I bet the President himself will enjoy sporting the sneakers.

The Nike Air Force 1 Hi “Presidential” was designed to really look like the plane itself, when it comes to colorways at least and obviously not the shape itself (maybe Adidas X Jeremy Scott can make literal adaptation of the plane to an sneaker). The sneaker is built with a patented all white leather upper and with an american flag stitched at the back with the number 27000 which is based on the Boeing plane model the SAM 27000 model. The outsole is made of light blue rubber with gold accents and with a white strap on it. Basically, the shoes at first glance will remind you of the Presidential airplane right away.

There is no news yet when it will be released or whether it is for the public or for just one specific person and you know who that person is. Although, according to the web buzz it will be released in a limited edition and maybe ordered only via online so better check Nike official’s website for updates on these hi class and hi ranking sneakers.

Check out the images and decide whether it actually looks like the Booeing the U.S. President flies.

Nike Air Force 1 Presidential

Vans x Supreme Metallic Pack 2012

Remember those Horween Vans? Two of the leading SB sneaker brands Vans and Supreme has teamed up again for a new Fall/Winter 2012 lineup that is old school with a bit of futuristic touch called the Metallic Pack. Vans and Supreme previous collaborations gave us new look and feel to the classic Vans SB sneakers.

vans metallic

The Vans x Supreme Metallic Pack 2012 will feature a revamped Old Skool and the Chukka, the two hugely popular classic silhouettes of Vans, it will modernized into a new 4 different colorways with premium suede uppers and a visible metallic accent to it.

The new colorways are black with silver metallic accent, dark green with the gold accent, light brown with the metallic red accent and the beige with the silver accent. Fans of the classic Vans old skool and the Chukka will go ape sh*t with these reinvention of a fan favorite SB shoes.

The Vans x Supreme will be released in a limited edition and will be available this month at Supreme stores in New York, London and Japan and there is no word yet whether it will be released in other outlets as well.

If you are an SB sneakers fan and like to sport the classic old skool and Chukka with a metallic accent then you have to purchase the Metallic Pack 2012 from Vans and Supreme.

and one more thing, the heels of these sneakers are super cool and bad a*s! :)

Luxury Sneakers from Vans and Horween

Vans Vault is jumping the shark by teaming up with the tannery company Horween to produce a luxury line of sneakers. Vans is going beyond the usual SB shoes with the new release of luxury leather silhouettes to be released this coming September.

This is not first time that Vans Vault released premium and leather sneakers but based on the released images of the shoes, the new models are one of the best sneakers Vans released. There are 3 models and two models are a revamped of earlier versions. The Era HW LX and Mt. Edition Decon LX are remodeling of classic models and the Piragua LX is a new and original model based on the nautical footwear look and feel. Find both shoes and get an eastbay coupon here to order them online.

All of the 3 shoes uses genuine Horween leather uppers, tonal laces, metal accents and hi-tech construction of the outsoles. The collection will be released in a limited production only so if you are comfortable shelling off $300 for a really good looking leather shoes then go for it. The materials used are premium quality, the craftsmanship are topnotch and the constructions are built to last.

Check out the Vans Vault x Horween Premium collection next month in select Vans Vault stores.


Vans Mt. Edition Decon LX

Vans Mt. Edition Decon LX

Piragua LX

Piragua LX