NEW BALANCE PRO COURT HIGH: Classic Tennis With Modern Tech

Running shoes are the prime market of New Balance. They have been providing amazing lineup of sneakers for running but occasionally they would release sneakers for other everyday living and for other sports like tennis. The New Balance Pro Court High is another proof that New Balance is not limited to running shoes and that they can compete with other top shoe companies by releasing an sneaker for tennis.

New Balance Pro Court High is the reinvention of its previous release of the low cut Pro Court. It has the same materials, styles, same specifications, fabrics and shape but it was modernized when it comes to the technology used. It still has the vintage appearance and the classic silhouette black look but it was rebuild to provide high performance for the new generation of tennis players.

The re-release Pro Court sports a black premium suede upper with textile lining and the outsole is made of herringbone traction technology so its an upgraded version of the popular low cut tennis shoes. The side panels features the logo New Balance and its embossed in black silhouette look and also visible on the tongue and embroidered on the heel.

If you are looking for a new tennis sneakers and wants to keep up the vintage and classic look of the pro sneaker shoes but wants the modern technology for better performance then the re-release of New Balance Pro Court is perfect for you. With its high cut stylish vintage appeal and modern tech for optimum performance, you have great advantage with your opponents.

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