Nike AIR Royal Desert Boot

The Nike AIR Royal is one of the most finest line up of Nike. It has a regal and classy appeal and lives up to its luxurious name. Indeed, it is a royal and lofty line up perfect for grown men or those with sophisticated taste, like a mash up of sporty and laid back attitude. The Nike Air Royal is unique and premium sneaker that showcases its simple yet stylish aesthetic and it’s back with a more refined and versatile look in the form of the Nike AIR Royal Desert Boots.

The Nike Air Royal Desert boots is a well polished monochromatic, rough and rugged yet very refined shoes. It comes in two colorways, the beechtree (which took my heart away) and the black colorway, both styles comes in a Nubuck upper and is made with suede and also comes with tonal branding and laces. There had been changes with swoosh position from its predecessors and the swoosh is now located in the heels which makes it more appeared versatile and old school.

Just like all the other Nike Air Royal, the desert boots uses the Air Max comfort, a unique Stitched Outsole that bonds the upper with the crepe rubber sole and also the air soles provides maximum comfort and breathability. Although, it is considered a boots, the crepe sole remains the touch and feel of an sneaker making it look like a mesh of a sneaker and an old school waffle colored hiking boots.

The Nike Air Royal series was a massive hits and received rave reviews and I will not be surprised that the Nike Air Royal Boots will be receiving the same royal treatment. I am a big fan of boots and high top and the beechtree colorway is one of the most beautiful, regal, crisp and clean silhouette boots I have ever seen.

Nike Air Royal is already out now and i can’t wait to get myself a pair and wear it like a crown in my feet.

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