Derrick Rose Has Signed On For Second Largest Sneaker Endorsement

It has only been five years since Derrick Rose signed on to be a part of his hometown Chicago Bulls team, and already he’s raking in the millions not just from his basketball career, but also from sneaker endorsements. It appears that Derrick Rose has signed the second largest sneaker endorsement in history. The deal is with Adidas and it is now official. This sneaker endorsement comes second only to the magnitude of the great Michael Jordan, who has an entire line or brand under his name.

The contract signed by Derrick Rose for this sneaker endorsement reportedly runs for 14 years and is worth $250 million. The deal was finalized in Orlando, FL. This means that Derrick Rose is now the highest paid basketball player in the NBA. Derrick Rose was quoted as saying, “Man, it’s definitely a blessing,” Rose said. “They’ve been with me since the beginning and stuck with me and I’m happy I’m a part of them for the rest of my life. They’ve been doing everything promotional-wise to make sure they put me out there, marketing me great all over the world. That’s all I needed from them.”

That said, there is no doubt about how many stripes Derrick Rose will be rocking for the next decade.

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