Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Premium Leather “Chocolate & Bosey”

For the past weeks we’ve been seeing top brands upgrades their iconic sneaker lineups and Converse is not lettings itself get behind by pimping up its classic Chuck Taylor with a premium leather upgrade. The new reinvented Chuck Taylor still features it signature retro look but it’s new look and feel are more defined that it looked more suave and sleek with modern appeal.

There are currently two designs that are stand out with the Chuck Taylor All Star Premium Leather and also stand out with other brands and these are the “Chocolate” and “Bosey” colorways which are designed to be very modern and at the same time classic casual sneakers. The chocolate colorway is a chocolate colored leather and a brown leather upper. It has a caramel colored branding on the tongue and the signature logo on the sides also has the caramel and butter brown appeal. The laces are tonal colored which complimented very well to it’s overall design. The “Bosey” colorway on the other hand is a stylish two-toned leather construction with rawhide laces. The subtle and classy light brown look or a more like a tan shade. Just like the “Chocolate” colorway, it has caramel colored signature logos in the sides. Finally, Bosey is complimented with a black cap and black rubber outsoles.

The Chuck Taylor All Star Premium leather is a raise of a bar move from converse which seems to be quiet when it comes to resurrecting its top lineups from the catacombs. The price is higher as well compared to the regular Chuck’s. It is available now in Converse stores for $125.

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