The Life, Times and Career of Mario Cipollini

In Lucca, Tuscany on March 22, 1967, Mario Cipollini as ushered into the world and would one day become one of the most noted professional cyclists of all time. Noted for his flamboyant, “pretty boy” image, Mario has enjoyed a winsome career, as well as much of the spotlight of the sport with his handsome appearance, flashy dress and plentiful head of hair that got him the name, “The Lion King” and “Mario the Magnificent.” While much has been said about Mario’s personal life and penchant for the ladies, Mario has been married for much of his career and has even been known to make fun of the things that have been said about his rumored womanizing, such as, “If I weren’t a professional cyclist, I’d be a porn star.”

Mario Cipollini – skilled Sprinter

marioCipollini is a renowned sprinter in cycling. In his career, Mario Cipollini was unrivaled in the sport, especially related to sprinting, having the only sprint train in cycling. These members of his team would come behind him in the race and help him keep top speeds while hedging him from being able to be taken over last minute of another competing cyclist. This sharp strategy, coupled with his inherent sprinting abilities catapulted him to cycling stardom and put his name in the history books as setting the most consecutive stage wins in the Tour De France since WWII. His sprinting abilities led to other competitors focusing more on this skill, most notably, Italian cyclist, Alessandro Petacchi.

The Controversial Competitor

This oft controversial cyclist has had his share of international press with some of the antics that he has pulled in this competitive sport, namely his outlandish, costume-like racing uniforms. Mario, ever the cheeky personality, has been fined thousands of Lira for uniforms that were not in keeping with race expectations or proved to be garish to race officials. Being fined never seemed to stop him from coming back once again with a more flamboyant uniform the next time though. One example of his peacockish attire was a now famous muscle skin suit which not only got him a hefty monetary penalty but paid out 100 times the fine price when it was auctioned for charity. The Tour de France served him with a fine for daring to wear skin suit colored entirely in bright yellow. These are the kinds of things that brought Mario attention on the international circuit, not just for performance but gaudy style in racing uniforms.

Celebrated Champion

This cyclist has been winning stages and tours in and out of Italy throughout his illustrious career. For Italian competitions, Mario Cipollini has certainly seen a lot of success in days of riding. Mario took the Road World Championships in 2002 and also the Milan-San Remo race both won by Mario in the same year. As far as stage wins, Mario won 42 of them at the Giro d’Italia with his final stage win at that competition in 2003 beating the world famous Alfredo Binda’s record that had stood since 1933. Of this accomplishment, Mario had this humble statement to say about Binda, “I would have been happy just to polish his shoes.”

As far as wins in other parts of the word, Mario has had plenty of them. At the Tour De France, Cipollini saw 12 stage wins. During his competitions with the Vuelta a Espana, he took 3 stage wins. This well-decorated cyclist decidedly made his mark on the cycling world during his season of competing. At the end of his racing career, Mario suffered a loss following a crash in 2003 at the Giro d’Italia. Cipollini stated that it was this crash that ended his career. Mario only entered on other race for Giro following the accident and it was the only time he ever entered this race without winning a single stage. His retirement was officially announced in 2005 just before the Giro d’Italia.

Post Career

Following his retirement, Mario Cipollini appeared on the racing circuit one other time in 2008 with Michael Ball’s Rock Racing for the Tour of California. His time with Ball’s team would be short-lived though, as Mario could not come to an agreement with the team on his leadership role. Mario never returned to the sport of cycling as a competitor again.

Mario Cipollini has still stayed active in the sport even if he is not competing. In 2010, Mario produced his own bicycle line Cipollini, competing with Bianchi, Cannondale, Specialized and other top brands. His brand was used by the UCI Professional Continental team, Vini Fantini-Selle Italia.

Jeremy Scott X Adidas Pimps Up Wings 2.0

The revolutionary and visionary designer Jeremy Scott has teamed up again for the Nth time with Adidas to bring us back the aberrant Wings series. The Wings 2.0 lineup still carries the now iconic wings at the back of the heels but this time ditched the bright and neon colors. The Wings 2.0 are sleeker, bolder and monotonic when it comes to it’s aesthetics.

The JS Wings 2.o comes in metallic silver, monochromatic black and white, marble and a pixelated sort of like 8 bit graphic design. If the previous releases of Jeremy Scott was a huge success, the Wings 2.0 is expected to also follow the footsteps on its predecessors. The JS Wings 2.0 also comes with a hiking-boot-styled laces and a central zip holding the wings in place which looks good especially when gliding in the streets.

The popular choices of the new line up are the A$AP ROCKY x JEREMY SCOTT x ADIDAS ORIGINALS which will be out in October and the now available in the market designs JEREMY SCOTT x ADIDAS JS WINGS 2.0 (PIXEL) and the METALLIC SILVER.

Here are some samples of the insane collection:




NIKE WMNS Dunk Sky High Soaring High

The wedge-heeled Nike Women’s specialty shoes is getting lots of attention this year with its iconic and eye-catching styles and colorways perfect for the summer season. You can be sporty and chic at the same time and know that your feet is in good shape and protection with NIKE WMNS technology.

There will be plentiful of NIKE WMNS Dunk Sky coming this month and in June and July. The Midnight Fog/Vachetta Tan which was released this month was inspired by this year’s best seller Denise Eva floral look only more darker and edgier. The collaboration of NIKE Labs and Denise Eva was a huge hit and the team up is expected to produce another hit with the new line up.

For the month of June, Nike WMNS Dunk Sky Hi – Birch / Bright Citrus – Sail – Metallic Gold will be released which is an opposite in every way to Midnight Fog/Vachetta Tan. The sneaker is bright birch looking with metallic gold swoosh logo and laces. The Birch / Bright Citrus is perfect for summer for it will lighten up your mood whether you are in the gym, running or doing regular errands.

All NIKE WMNS Dunk Sky are made of sturdy canvas and leather and with textured leather design. We will feature more colorways and team ups or collaborations of Nike Lab and popular artists like Denise Eva in the coming months. For now, enjoy the images of these amazing sneakers.

Nike WMNS Dunk Sky Hi – Birch / Bright Citrus – Sail – Metallic Gold

Nike WMNS Dunk Sky Hi – Birch / Bright Citrus – Sail – Metallic Gold


Liberty x Nike WMNS Dunk Sky High – Midnight Fog – Vachetta Tan

Liberty x Nike WMNS Dunk Sky High – Midnight Fog – Vachetta Tan


Nike Rosher is Back With New Designs

The specialty athletic/running/ shoes is back with quirky and fun designs. The consumers favorite summer and active lifestyle sneakers adds new colorways and design for the savvy and hip women.

The Nike Roshe Run has evolved and been redefined through times to best fit the needs of consumers for a fashionable, sturdy and reliable running shoes. The new Nike WMNS Roshe Run Women for women is a perfect example of a balanced, well-crafted reinvention of a fan-favorite sneaker.


The two new designs available in the market now are the Pink Force and the Tarp Green. The Pink Force is a single-colored edition just like its earlier version the TOTAL CRIMSON. It features a comfortable and sturdy rubber sole topped by a pink painted woven material which makes it perfect for strolling in the parks, boardwalks or just doing your daily errands in an elegant and flashy sneakers. The Pink Force is perfect for teens, young at heart and girl-powered afficionados.


The Roshe Run Tarp Green on the other hand is for women who defies the traditional light colored and flashy styled footwear for women. The tarp green featured multi colored woven upper but features a pre-dominant green interwoven in grey and black. It is breathable and perfect for summer for it has breathable upper and comfortable rubber soles. At first glance you would think that it is military inspired. Both sneakers are now available in Nike stores and other retail stores.

Classic 1970s Sneakers Re-launched by Converse

Isn’t it amazing how after all these years, Converse still has the same appeal towards consumers as it did forty years ago? In light of these, Converse has decided to re-launch their classic 1970s sneakers for today’s market. Even when it comes to today’s latest fashion trends, a 70’s vibe is evident. Now this is also about to be translated and seen even when it comes to footwear. The classic 1970 sneakers are called First String Standards. What is the difference between these sneakers and regular Chuck Taylors? What sets them apart? For starters, the First String Standards feature a wider curve at the toe. The ridges are also made of rubber.


Visit to pick up your very own pair of sneakers for just $70. By the time April rolls around, there will be even more colours available such as Pool Blue and Sunflower Yellow. This way, there will be more colours for you to choose from to suit your wardrobe. At the moment, the First String Standards are only available in black and white. What are you waiting for? Visit and pick out your own sneakers. Start kicking it old school!

How to Go About Choosing the Right Pair of Sneakers


If you are a sneakers fan, and who isn’t, choosing the right pair of sneakers involves a lot of thought and considerations. Why is this important? To put it simply, choosing the right pair of sneakers shouldn’t be all about aesthetics. It is crucial to keep in mind that the footwear that you use can greatly affect your health. This can lead to stress fractures or ankle sprains if you do not make the choice carefully. Having said that, here are a few tips to keep in mind to avoid facing this type of situation:

  1. Replace them every 6 months to 1.5 years. Depending on how often you use your sneakers and how heavy you are, your sneakers should be replaced every 6 months to 1.5 years.
  2. Visit an orthopaedic surgeon. An orthopaedic surgeon is well-versed with different types of footwear and provides you with valuable advice on what would be healthiest for your feet. Take the time to make an appointment and visit one.
  3. Choose a high quality brand. Go with a brand that is trusted and that has established credibility among consumers for many years now. The price will pay for itself.

The Lowdown on the Teyana Taylor x Adidas Originals Harlem GLC Sneakers

When it comes to unique and trendsetting sneakers, it doesn’t get more unique and trendsetting than the Teyana Taylor Adidas Originals Harlem GLC Sneakers. The photo included here is sufficient proof of that. There is metallic leather material on the sneaker that enhances the bronze shade. The choice of black accents further complements the choice of bronze for the color of the shoe. But perhaps what is truly unique about the Teyana Taylor Adidas Originals Harlem GLC Sneakers is the super fresh lacing design on the sneaker’s heel.


Whether you are looking for a super unique pair of sneaks to pair with a simple outfit or you want your entire getup to stand out, these are the footwear you are looking for. Keep an eye out for them as the release date has been set on February 15th in Adidas stores nationwide. They are going to be priced at $140 per pair. For fans of Teyana Taylor, this is clearly a no-brainer. You can put these on whether you’re stepping out to catch a movie with friends or you’re looking to paint the town red and hit the streets.


Wedge Sneakers: The New In Thing in Style

If you’ve been keeping up with the trends in sneakers in the media as of late, you would have noticed the rising popularity of wedge sneakers. Surprisingly, fashion moguls such as Marc Jacobs, Nike and Nike are all coming up with their own unique designs of this groundbreaking footwear. It is probably safe to say that fashion is the main goal of these avant-garde creations. Obviously, you would be ill-advised to take these sneaks with you while hiking. This is where we draw the line.


Would you consider wearing wedge sneakers on your next date or in school? With a brand new year ahead of us, it might be fun to consider changing up your outfits and experimenting with different types of footwear. There are a wealth of colours, styles, sizes and designs of wedge sneakers to choose from you. Whether you want a safe shade of black or a neon palette that is a complete standout, you won’t have a problem finding what you are looking for. Teen Vogue calls wedge sneakers “School inspired kicks that do not sacrifice your height or your style”. While they are not as hard on the feet as actual wedges, they’re not super comfy either.

Timberland GT Scramble Pack

Extreme hikers have something to celebrate this 2013 with the new release of Timberland – a water and weatherproof hi-top for your feet. The Timberland GT Scramble Pack is a sturdy companion for the countryside built with top of the line materials.

timberland-scramble timberland-royal-olive-black-in-park-1

The hiking sneakers uses suede/mesh upper and gusseted tongue to make it waterproof and comes with padded ankle collar and a light but cushioned EVA midsole for maximum comfort. Most of the hiking sneakers or boots fail to come up with soft pad or comfort feel since it focuses more on the wearability and thoughness but Timberland GT Scramble Pack’s padded ankle collar and light cushioned midsole makes it as comfortable as your favorite rubber shoes.

The technology used in the Scramble Pack just not end with the midsole, the outsoles uses the Gripstick tech which makes it best for trekking terrains. The footbed are made of Smartwool lining to keep your feet warm and soft. You can splash in puddle of muds without fear of getting your feet wet and losing your balance with the Timberland GT Scramble Pack

The hiking sneakers comes in two colorways: tan/royal blue and olive/black models.

Nike Releases Two New Air Force 1 Sneaks

Can you believe that it has been 3 decades since the first pair of Nike Air Force 1 shoes was released? Neither can we. Yet here we are. Since its introduction in 1982, Nike Air Force 1 sneakers have truly changed the landscape for sneakers. They are beloved by millions of sneaker heads around the world and their popularity has not gone down a notch. People from all walks of life rock the Nike Air Force 1’s with pride, and understandably so.

This year, the Nike Air Force 1’s have been reinvented. Dubbed the Nike Air Force 1 Supreme, the sneaks have been dropped in select store locations. They are also available online. Supreme is a street couture retailer that is renowned for their artsy and fresh style. Durable NYCO fabric was used in the creation of the sneaks. There are three special edition colour schemes available for you to choose from. These include black, army green, and army print camouflage. All of them are very easy to pair with different types of outfits. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the revolutionary Air Force 1’s, another shoe is set to be launched on December 12th. Stay tuned!